Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Where do we start!!! 2 weeks ago we headed to Belton for the big Kennedy wedding. Paxton, SueSue, and I left on Wednesday. We had so much fun running errands and seeing the old gang. We LOVED the time we spent with the Neeley family, I even saw Zach whom I had not seen in forever. Debbie became Paxton's new girlfriend...his heart skipped a beat around her. He was so spoiled by them, and Paxton was so lucky not to have to make all the errands. And of course what would a trip to Belton without Marta's be??? SueSue and I cleared them out, we just happened to be there for the BIG sale. The wedding was beautiful out a Tenroc Ranch and it was so fun to talk to old friends...Laura Haun, love that girl:) It was a great week, not much relaxation but great hanging out in the old stomp'in grounds.