Monday, July 09, 2007

The Grandparents with their "favorite Girl"
The boys
The family minus Paxton at the wedding
Father and Daughter
Mackey got a lot of attention with her dancing moves. Her she is spanking. She loves the attention.

Rebecca and Josh: Josh looks a little nervous after seen her spit up so much...I think he secretly liked her though.
Drew was in love with Mackey: He loved to kiss and she loved to receive.
Grandma and Mackey

This weekend we all headed to Oklahoma to a Cox Wedding. Joey and Ashley have tied the knot. It was a beautiful ceremony on the water and then LOTs of fun and dancing. Even Mackey did some dancing. The highlight of the reception was the balloon guy. He was so talented and could make all kinds of things...Paxton got a dog and a train. Paxton and Drew did not go and did fairly well with the babysitter. We had a great time seeing eveyone we don't get to see very often.


Michelle said...

Love the pics! Hey I tagged you for Five things I dig about Jesus Meme info on my blog