Monday, July 09, 2007

The Girls
SueSue and Paxton after the show
Mackey and Mommy
father and Daughter
The Men: Brent, Cal, Rusty, and Ben
PatPat, Mackey, and SueSue enjoying some fireworks
Paxton and I

Happy 4th! What could be more fun than spending a holiday with long time friends and family. We loaded up the car and headed to Grapevine to grill out with Ben and Tiffany and our parents. We had great fun talking and just hanging out. Later that night we headed to meet up with the rest of our college friends to watch fireworks at the Grapevine Lake firecracker show. Mackey just laid on the blanket with her PatPat and SueSue while Paxton hung tightly to my leg. He really is not a fan of fireworks. I think it is the noise. We had a great time, though short, it was fun just being with old friends. We are blessed to have those friends. We have watched each other grow in many ways. We all knew each other pre married life. So we have seen everyones weddings and now (though Rusty and I are winning the "who has children" category we are soon to be blessed by a "little Wall". Those are the friends you cherish forever, the ones when you get together it as if no time has passed. Rusty and I are very blessed.