Thursday, May 28, 2009

Lately Paxton has been really pushing Rusty's buttons and doing the Longhorn sign. I am sure the Paxton will come to his senses and realize how poor he will be paying for his own school if he chooses to be a Longhorn. However with John Lee being such good friends with Mac Brown Rusty gritted his teeth and got Paxton's pic taken with a celebrity. Rusty said however that Mac refused to do a "gig em"
Rusty was soooo sweet and gave me a break one day last week. He took Paxton and Mackey to the Byron Nelson...I am pretty sure that makes you "Dad of the Year". Of course Pax and Mac enjoyed the tournament for about 30 minutes...Rusty used Paxton to get signatures like: Freddie Couples, Anthony Kim, and Hunter Mahan on a flag pin. It was a rough day for Rusty but it was so relaxing to only have one child for a couple of hours. I am so lucky to have a hubby who is so hands-on.


Charlie and Laura said...

I'm so proud of Rusty...that must have been hard for him letting Paxton take a picture with Mac!! I love the kids rooms too!! When do you find time to do it!! :) Good Job Mom!!