Thursday, May 07, 2009

College Station...

1407 Sunny Court...Lots of good memories! Trying to get a grreat pic of all the kids...nice Mackey
I didn't want to wake up time.
We headed to College Station last weekend to enjoy some baseball, great friends, and the college experience again. We miss College Station...Rusty and I both agreed that we would trade everyone in for just one week of college again. Of course we love each other but college is such a fun experience that you can never have again. The Walls and us laughed at how in college you just think you are stressed and then you get into the real world and oh my...the stress. We loved seeing Ben and Tiff's new home in the process. Tiffany and I had some much fun dreaming about her house and looked at model homes and blueprint plans. We love the Walls and are so glad we have someone to stay with in College Station. Rusty and Ben took Paxton and Mackey took the baseball game. That's very brave men...I think they just feed them $5 snow cones. We had so much fun, thanks Wall family.