Thursday, May 28, 2009

Modge Podge letters that I did for Kirby and Mackey
Just wanted to take a picture of their rooms so I can cherish the moments when I got to pick out the bedding and their are no posters stuck to the wall. Paxton really wanted a Spider Man/Batman room. Of course I loved the Pottery Barn super hero room but that is not in my budget so I went with the vintage Batman movie posters and on ebay found the most fantastic Superman poster. He loved it and it made me so happy to please him. For the girls room I made Rusty work hard. Painting three colors, chair railing, and two beds. I absolutely love the way it turned to find another pink antique bed.


Miss Priss' Momma said...

Where did you even find one pink antique bed? It's precious!!

I love Paxton's room! Using a "neutral", not themed quilt will let you change out the posters/decor as his tastes change!

Amanda said...

The girls' room is gorgeous! And I love Paxton's manly quilt.

Brent and Abbey said...

WOW!!! Is Rusty for hire? I need some hallways painted :) Great job!

Faith said...

I am in love with this room! I have had it saved in my favorites forever. Is there any way you could let me know the paint colors you used for the walls (the yellow, cream, green and hot pink) and that precious pink on the antique bed? I love it all so much!

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