Thursday, October 23, 2008

Round Up on the Range

Feeling a little too much Cowboy spirit...Mack close you legs Tepee's, where Jesus lives
The Cox Family in the stagecoach...heading to the wild, wild west.
We tried to convince him to get a handle bar mustache...he wanted a boot.
Paxton looks like a professional, he thought his horse was awesome she/he had glitter in his hair
Mackey and her horse, no help...too bad horse back riding is so expensive
She is going to be my little vet, she loves animals...
The brave cowboys...they actually got this pic into the McKinney newspaper
Watching the Rodeo
This last weekend we headed over to Round Up on the Range in McKinney. There was face painting, horse back riding, and Real live Indians. The kids had so much fun wearing their cowboy boots and riding the horses. I got so tickled at the Tepee because I asked Paxton if he knew who lived in Tepees and he said, "Jesus". Either he has already learned that the answer is always Jesus or he is super smart and knows that he lives everywhere. We went to the Rodeo with the Williams family and topped the afternoon off with some good Hutchin's BBQ.


Tammy said...

Ah man! This looks so fun! I had no idea about this!! We want to go next year girlfriend... when was it?