Friday, October 17, 2008

Fun with the Greats!!

The group before the "Oinking" and the giant kitchen mess Notice the bottle of sprinkles...None of them, not even GG was responsible. They used the entire 4 bottles of sprinkles on 2 dozen cookies. I think Mackey did more eating. A few weeks ago we were blessed by the presence of GG and Whitey two separate days. GG came over and we made homemade Halloween cookies, played GG and Paxton's version of hide and seek, and also read LOTS of books. We discovered on this day what a GREAT oink GG has. She sounds like a big hog and was able to do it several times. I wish I had recorded the laughter coming from my children. The next day we ventured to Walls of Clay with Whitey. We made Christmas plates of the children and painted them...I was so glad that I paid $12/piece for the crap that Mackey painted. It was a plate of poop colored paint. Of course we can't go downtown without a trip to Spoons. The kids were really well behaved and we had a blast. We are so lucky to get to spend time with Great Grandmas...they are of course the grandest people we know.