Monday, October 27, 2008

Rusty must have had too many smores... Paxton thought he was big stuff...he drank out of his own 20 ounce.
This crazy city girl had to be taught how to make a smore...shame,shame Melissa.
Check out the firepit...Rusty did well!!
Doodlebop...she is probably trying to convince Tab to make her a smore
The million dollar photo
This Saturday we had a BFG social at our house. It is always a great way to get projects done...throw a party. WE finally after two years built a fire pit. I plan on lots of nights out there. It was so cute to see all the kids dressed in their costumes, can you actually believe that we got that many kids semi-posed for a pic. We are so blessed by our BFG/Sunday School, though it is a large group it always great to have tons of people to hang out with and enjoy a smore.


Anonymous said...

i love that name. we're having our 2nd girl in january. my first daughter is karsyn and this one will be mykah. love kirby though. that would have been cute with karsyn.