Friday, March 23, 2007

What mother lets their child have a Carmel egg after a bath??
Mackey thinks she is a big kid as Paxton allows her to watch cartoons on his sleeping bag...notice the spit up on the shirt
Our precious Mackey...
Me and my two love bugs
Jessica, Paxton, and I after the devastation
Aggie Upset:

Rusty said last night that he thought he would have to call in sick to work. We had a little get together at our house to watch the BIG game last night...if you have never experienced watching a game with Rusty, you are really missing out. I think Grandpat enjoys watching sports with Rusty just for the entertainment of Rusty. Thankfully Tessa did not have a water bottle embedded in her head last night after 1.1 seconds were removed from the clock. They had a good run, but we believed they were going all the the depression is hard to handle. I spoke to Rusty late morning and he stated that he was still nauseous. I can only imagine Paxton and Mackey's competitive nature, they come by it honestly.

Update: Despite a slow weight gain last week Mackey has begun to lose weight (3 1/2 months and she weighs 9.22)- She is a skinny mini although she comes from a line of fairly small women we are still having to monitor it very closely.I swear this month I have paid for the pediatricians kid's college. We had a series of upper GI test done this week and so far the conclusion is that she has Reflux. I am feeding her about every 2 hours and she spits up most of it. We are on 2 medications that we take each 4 times a day and getting weighed every week. So all this equals a very tired mom. Hopefully we will begin to gain the LBS soon.


KatieKate said...

oh we are very very sad here too in Texas North...even Curt shed a few tears. 1.1 seconds!!! What were they thinking???

Anonymous said...

We went through that with our baby (the constant spit up). She is now on Enfamil AR Lipil and Prevacid twice a day. It is the only thing that has helped so far. We tried every formula and 3 kinds of meds. She's still not stopped spitting up, but it's more tolerable. We also give her some rice cereal mixed in her formula. Hope it gets better

Michelle said...

Adorable! Simply Adorable pics up top! The joys of motherhood!

Clay said...

wow...caramel eggs? I'm scared of things like that...especially after a bath! Mackey is such a cutie - we're dealing with weight issues in our house too, but that's mainly because Clay just doesn't like to slow down for meals. Ahhh...the joys of motherhood...Seriously though, you've got two really cute little kids! -Kat