Tuesday, March 06, 2007

At the Park playing with Scooter.
Isn't she sweet?
Right before attack of the Ear
Poor Envoy...how many can I pile in??? Annie looks worried
I could not resist

Breathing Treatments are back.
Mackey and Anabelle

After 5 trips the pediatrician, one trip to the ER(for Paxton), and LOTS of Tylenol...we will officially have tubes placed in Paxton's ears on Thursday. We have had quite the eventful time at our house: I will break it down for you numerically.
1) Kate and precious Anabelle come to visit for a couple days. Mackey and Paxton are both feeling crummy...with drugs Paxton is able to make the trip to the mall playgroup.
2) Paxton is on breathing treatments and is semi OK with them.
3) Trip to the ER at 0400 and then we stay at the hospital for our scheduled 0830 appt with the ENT. Paxton is now on Tylenol with Codeine...but still not asleep...will have tubes on Thursday (keep us in your prayers)
4) We get our $850.00 electricity bill...looks like I am going back to work full time to pay for A/C.
5) Mackey has more junk in her nose than a grown up...I think it is a cold but figured I better go to the Dr.
6) Mackey has an ear infection in both ears..smallest child the pediatrician has ever seen with ear infection.
7) Did I mention that both children now on Augmentin and having LOTS of diarrhea...we spent $45 in diapers this week at the store.
8) Rusty calls from work he is throwing up and thinks he is coming down with something...Like a great wife I tell him not to come home, maybe you can sleep somewhere else...Can you tell weary mom whose sympathy is being beat down. (He came home to dinner and a television night, he did sleep upstairs though)
9) Builder comes out and they find a 3inch screw in the coil to the A/C unit...tells me things I don't understand and then leaves saying he will bring a new unit out tomorrow. No heat or A/C tonight...I don't have to go back to work now.
10) Rusty and I are going to the Maverick Basketball Game tonight...I have never been so I am excited. However we will miss SueSue playing basketball on a DONKEY...I hope this on tape!! It is really true, a donkey.


KatieKate said...

Cutie little feet!

Renee said...

love your blogs. when did mackey come down with infection????

Amanda's got Baby Bangs said...

Hey Whitney! I nearly passed out when I read about your electric bill. If you want to move your blog to a different address, email me and I will tell you how to do it. prinmandy at hotmail.com
I hope things settle down soon!

Michelle said...

You have been busy! How I miss our Sunny Court Days! In DC working for the past 5 years... miss Texas but do love folks here... Would love to catch up... will figure out how to send you my info so its nots plastered on the web...