Monday, March 19, 2007

She loved her Uncle Randy
Paxton's Favorite..He was amazed at how large the were

Kar-Kar teaching him how to get water everywhere...aren't their tiny bottoms cute.

Paxton "The aggresor" least their related. Drew is obviously not that into it.

We successfully have tubes in our ears and we are now speaking a mile a minute. This week was very eventful. From Wed. to Fri. we had the Hagens come to visit and Paxton just loves him some "Kar-Kar" that is his name for Karleigh. We went to the Dallas Zoo and mostly watched some Aggie Basketball...Now in the Sweet 16! Katrina and I we even able to speed away and do the 4 wheel trails out by our house...while the guys watched the children. Cousin Drew, Uncle Randy and Aunt Tonya ventured up here Fri through Sunday. We had a lot of fun just hanging out with them and playing. We recently borrowed the neighbors play scape and Paxton was so funny when he got down there he said" WOW". He had such a cute smile...he has learned to go down the big boy slide head first and backward on his back. He is such a dare devil. Mackey is full of smiles now, I think she is going to take after her brother and flirt with everyone. Hopefully this week we will officially have grass in our backyard...praise the Lord. I am so tired of dirt being tracked in. That is extremely stressful for a clean freak like myself...thanks Whitey. We have been LOVING the weather!!When Rusty gets home we have been staying out till dark playing outside.


Michelle said...

Love the pic in the tub... classic to embarrass them with later in life!

Anonymous said...

love those tight little bums love my tounge deep inside them licking them out