Tuesday, April 17, 2007

This year...Big Willy hasn't changed much
Last year
"Daddy Long Legs" ...she looks so relaxed
Already my craft girl...it looks like she is trying to decide which shirt to hot glue-up
What moms give two boys ice cream cones in the car...that would be Angela and I
We wore him out...just the way I like it when daddy is out of town

Aspiring to be great like his dad
He REALLY wore the goggles...safety first people
Some of the crew...Tan Man is not a baby anymore.

This week we had a very special visit from Big Willy and Whitey. I hated that it was 45 degrees because the girls had planned a serious garage sale day...we managed to find a indoor flea market...so don't worry about our morning. Whitey, we will get the pics of you and your first great grand daughter up soon, it's on another camera!!! We have had some serious fun lately. We have been playing super hard hoping to get baby Morgan out of her mommy. We played so hard that Paxton feel asleep eating and that never happens, falling asleep is only done in beds if you are Paxton. Paxton also this week helped his daddy weed the yard. Isn't he precious!!! We are loving watching Mackey become a little being. I have been surprised by her sweet disposition.


Beau and Melissa said...

Your children are too precious! Paxton is so big. I miss you girl! Let's do lunch.

Clay said...

Thanks for the encouragement...and you are right...our boys don't sit still long enough to eat!
Your two kids are so cute. It looks like you and your mom are having fun dressing Mackey. Rusty & Paxton look cute in the yard. Hope you are good & I'm interested in those clothes with the hot glue gun...what are you making?