Monday, April 30, 2007

Boston Round 2

The stairs that were the vain of our existing. Renee took the photo for keep sakes. Imagine it right side up because I cannot flip. Then imagine us carrying luggage, two strollers, and it getting any better.
Me climbing up to get the stinker that is stuck in the play land...luckily I did not get stuck too. I am laughing because Renee is laughing at the trials of motherhood and how your child gets into the narrowest spots to decide he is afraid of falling.
One of the only times she cried. Rusty is trying to pack on some weight to our small baby.
Following the Freedom Trail
Renee and I being dumb...we needed some laughter

One of the many tactics Rusty used to better entertain Paxton while eating
Best Family Pic
We were lucky to be there for the anti-Bush protest...look at this foolish lady

Check mate...
My future Pilot
Father and Daughter, how Mackey spent her time in Boston..hanging

Mackey at the Boston Children's Museum on the exact mat as Paxton two years later
Two tired girls

Renee teaching Paxton about his colors on the computers
Paxton at the dinosaur exhibit

Well, let me first start off saying how blessed I am to have a friend like Renee Porter. Who could take one of your children as their lap child on a 3 1/2 flight and endure 4 days of a two year old who decides this trip will be one for history. As I reflect back on the trip, I the entire time kept thinking what was I that I am home I think, you know it really was not that bad. My precious Mackey was an angel. I really don't think she ever cried. But Paxton made up for the two of them. It was extremely frustrating to be so mad at a two year old yet know why he was so irritable. He was out of his environment, took no naps, had to sleep in a metal crib, was in the stroller 3/4 the day, and it was freezing and raining. Did I mention it was 40-50 degrees and raining. AAHHHH!! Thursday, bless the young Army man next to me on the flight...he had no idea he was my fill in husband/dad to the girl next to him. He entertained Paxton to the best of his ability. He let him use his dvd, his cell phone, and let him climb around to get his sippee cup that was on his lap table. He even offered to pour my coke when I needed a refill...since it was on his lap table. Can you only imagine. I was able to see all the passengers faces as we walked up and the discovered they were the lucky winners. Friday since it rained we went to the Boston Children's Museum and the Museum of Science. Museum of Since was less than par but the Children's Museum was bad my little stinker was so tired he could barely enjoy it. Saturday we did the Freedom Trail. We had a lot of fun this day. We ate at a quaint little cafe in little Italy for dinner. Sunday we went to Barnes and Nobles because by this day everyone was under the weather from the temperatures and the rain. Of course to round off a exciting trip our flight was delayed. Poor Grandpat had to pick us up at 11:30p.m. Putting us in Melissa around Midnight. Paxton slept today until 12:00p.m...My poor tired little boy. Renee informed me after Paxton's Friday night episode that she can see how uneducated parents beat their children...I knew what she meant:) However, she also informed me today that she still wanted children soon, but she would prefer a girl!!
And of course..It was a great trip and it was so nice to see Rusty...we miss him this week as we adjust to normal life this coming week. Renee you are truly a good friend and I am blessed to have met you 9 years ago. On a lighter note: I tried to warn Renee of the impending steps and lack of elevators on the subway systems. I don't think she was prepared. Funny picture to leave in ones head. Two young girls. Two 50lbs suitcases, Two children under two, two strollers, two carry one bags. Imagining...Now imagine us landing at the airport and hauling all this through the airport, the bus, the the subway, the two subway stops with switches, and then walking 7 blocks from the subway let off to our hotel. And there were A LOT of steps in between. We ARE women hear us roar.


uncle randy said...

Rusty you must have been eating hot wings in the picture with the walrus teeth because you are sweating like a pig.

KatieKate said...

You are such a champ, Whit! Great job haulin' all those kids and luggage around!

Michelle said...

Nicely done my friend! If you can tackle Boston like that... I don;t think anything will hold you back!

APRIL said...

Sounds like a fun trip..once you got all settled:) You go girl for toughing it out and doing it all're one tough momma!

Beau and Melissa said...

You are one brave woman!