Tuesday, April 10, 2007

She took some criticism at playgroup for the boa...She has such a great personality. Every girl needs a Canton hat.
Paxton a little confused about why someone left toys on his door step.
The best picture I have...and that's not saying a lot.
Rusty drinking his first caffeine/carbonated drink since giving it up for Lent...it has to be from Sonic
Easter...Can you believe it snowed last weekend in parts of Texas??? The cute little outfit I bought Paxton to wear, because I knew this might possibly be the last time to make him cute in the Jack and Janie stuff, had to be returned. I was so sad. His make shift outfit was cute too, although he was thuggin' a little with his pants. Mackey had her adorable Feldman's dress that I had been waiting for her to fit since I found out she was a girl. Our pictures are not so good...mainly because Paxton was so grumpy Easter morning, I even think the Easter bunny thought out coming back for his basket. I felt like explaining how precious they did look since there are no good pics. We go for Mackey's big weigh in tomorrow...fingers crossed!!


Anonymous said...

Whitney...your kids looked SO cute on Easter! I wish we would have gotten to see you guys! I love Mackey's Canton hat!! :)Erika

Michelle said...

They both look SO adorable! I was looking forward to warm weather in Texas and was sadly disappointed!