Sunday, April 01, 2007

These of course all went into his basket. He would have got more but this was all he could carry

Our neighborhood had an Easter egg Hunt. I really did not think Paxton would understand what it was about...Boy was I wrong!!! He began immediantely picking up eggs. He put some in his basket and some in other peoples basket. What a good sharer he is. Rusty said that people were talking about what a dare devil he was...that melts every dads heart!! Mackey enjoyed all the kids that she got to watch...she is very into observation right now.


KatieKate said...

I think the Eater Egg Hunt instict is built into all little boys!

I finally answered your book game from forever ago.

That little girl of yours looks great. I totally understand the weight's nice to see her up in the 1%! She'll get there. Doc says Rylie will always be a flyweight. I guess so will Mackey.

Kyrene said...

Thanks for writing this.