Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Well, I know that all you folks up North think that we DFWers are NUTS... the news is ridiculous!!! Rusty's work was called off and this afternoon we all bundled up and headed to McDonald's to play. Mackey was dressed in her cold gear and was so warm she was sweating upon arrival. Paxton was thinking he was such a big boy until he fell and hit is eye on a chair in the play area. Play time was over:( We hope that it clears up fast. Rusty was so worried we should go to the ER to prevent scarring and was frustrated that I was an RN and was unable to determine whether a trip to the ER was worth it. I continue to tell him that ICU RN do not know bruises and stitch stuff, we only know how to keep you alive!

Hope everyone is bundled up and enjoying all the sleet/snow.