Friday, January 12, 2007

The pediatrician said prior to Mackey that God would give me a laid back child because Paxton is so exciting. Well 4 weeks later at the 1 month appt. I let her know that she is mistaken. God must think that Rusty and I can handle anything. Our HOME-GIRL Mackey is high maintenance. She literally cries all day long unless she is being held. If anyone just really wants to hold a baby...I have one that you can borrow not have. I am still thankful everyday that God blessed me with healthy, cute children...but for crying out loud must they cry/whine all the time. Paxton is in a frustrating stage where he knows what he wants but cannot say the word...we are working on this though. He is doing very well with adjustment...there is only so much holding/crying of Mackey that he can take. I know that I should feel honored that Mackey wants to be with me all day:) Here is a picture were I tricked her, she will tolerate me carrying her in the sling (she hates the swing and vibrator chair) and I carried her and then put her down when she was worked awhile until she realized I was not attached. I will brag on Mackey and say that she has excellent head control and sleeps very Well...I won't tell you were she is sleeping because I am embarrassed. I only documented this to remind myself of her high maintenance stage because I am sure this is the only one she will ever have:)