Monday, January 01, 2007

Christmas 2006

Paxton loved his vet came with stethoscope, dog scale, and brushes for pets. He loved it. He wore the stethoscope every where Christmas day.
Her mom is having way too much fun with "BOWS" The kid table-Sydney, Brinley, and Paxton The beautiful Hobby Horse
Due to being in boxes/homeless we stayed the night at the Melissa grandparents house. It was so relaxing... there is no place more comfortable and Christmas spirited than SueSue and Grandpat's house. Santa came around 9:00 a.m. and brought Paxton a hobby horse...we are not sure if he enjoyed climbing up the horse or rocking better. The hobby horse is beautiful just like the one that Rusty and I had growing up. Paxton did very well this Christmas...he got lots of trucks, an art easel, a giant bean bag, and lots of little gadgets. Mackey got pretty pink coat hangers!! Christmas afternoon our neighbors from McKinney and our friends the Russes came over to my parents house and we all celebrated with a Christmas dinner together. Paxton, Brinley, and Sydney all enjoyed sharing their new toys and playing outside. Christmas was great and cannot believe how much God has blessed us this year. Happy New Year!!!