Monday, January 01, 2007

Cox Christmas

We were blessed to have Christmas with both sides of the family this year. The Saturday after Mackey was born Grandma, Big Daddy, Grandma Kal, Cheryl, Cori, Randy, Tonya, and Drew came to McKinney to have Christmas with us. It was such a blast to watch Paxton and Drew open presents. After the first dump truck was opened Paxton was content. Randy and Tonya gave Paxton a 9 ft tunnel to climb through and that entertained Paxton and Drew for the afternoon. We loved getting to watch Grandma Kal hold precious baby Mackey too!!!
P.S. Where is Rusty looking??? And yes, I do have a tank top under the sweater and I do not have a see through sweater on.:) Thank you Randy for pointing that out!!