Friday, January 26, 2007

"The Swaddle and the Pacifier= Happiness"
The art of Swaddling: Precious Mackey needs to be swaddled in order to maintain "happiness" as she knows it. Every child in the beggining has the thing you cannot leave home without...Mackey has to have the swaddle tool. With Paxton we just used blankets to swaddle...but baby stuff has improved in 19 months and there is now this blanket especially for swaddling with Velcro and all...the child cannot bust lose and it comes in small, medium, and large. So when swaddled she only cries 70% of the day instead of 100%. If she is crying she is either: hungry, without pacifier, or not swaddled. She still is precious.

Update on Life and having 2 children under 19 months:

*Paxton's eye healed and tonight we fell and hit the exact same spot causing yet another cut in the same general location.

*Rusty was out of town Mon.-Wed. as a warm up and next week will be gone Mon.-Fri....we will be having SueSue as our overnight guest several nights:)

*My hooter hider (yes, another new pictures to follow) has arrived and Mackey is going through a growth spurt. She is now 7 lbs. 8 ounces and 21 1/2 inches long. She already has gorgeous blue eyes and is an awesome snuggle bug...just want her momma wanted.

*Paxton now takes a pacifier and EVERYTHING with wheels is a "CAAAR" and we say "DAAWG" with a huge Texas draw.

*Boone is not adapting well to the Invisible Fence and has left for boarding school. Ellie however is scared to death and refuses to leave the garage...she cannot even walk 5 feet to poop outside the garage.

*Life is full of playgroups, bible studies, and NAPS:)


Beau and Melissa said...

Brynne says Amen! She always must be swaddled, cuddled, & have a paci in her mouth! Hope you're enjoying your new home!

Jackson said...

Jackson loved his Swaddle Me blankets! I was very sad when he learned how to bust out of them. I think it was because they had been washed so much and the velcro was weak. Hooter Hiders are the best!