Thursday, January 18, 2007

Happy 28th Birthday. Top ten Reasons why we love our Daddy/Husband:

1) Who would bundle us up and take us outside to walk the dogs in the mudd. Did I mention the dogs are in-training with the electric fence.
2) Who would do little complaining about all the honey-do list. If you know his wife you know that the projects never end.

3) Who can fix just about anything.

4) Who would sleep with us in our big boy bed just to show us how cool it is.
5) Who is very sympathetic to every bump, bruise, or cough. It is a good thing we have mommy though or he would take us to the ER/Dr. all the time.

6) Who gave mommy a generous sum of money to buy new clothes after Mackey was born. Even though she is back to pre-prego weight something very strange occurs in to the body.

7) Who wakes up before each night-time feeding and changes our diaper.

8) Who has bugeted well and allows our mommy to stay home (in a beautiful house) all day and play.

9)Who very patiently excuses us from the dinner table to "talk" when our behavior is not so pleasant.

10) Who loves us like no other daddy/husband could!!!

2 Bonus:
Who would get us off/on the hobby horse a million times before getting frustrated.
Who trys to get us to say "Gig em" and "Football" all the time.


KatieKate said...

Oh, woman, do I hear you on the clothes fitting thing...our bodies are so wierd.

Happy birthday to your husband!

And the house is looking fantastic!

APRIL said...

Oh my, I never realized how much Paxton looks like his daddy!!
Happy Birthday!