Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is some of the fun stuff we have been up to. This girl is eating us out of home. She loves anything that is swallowed. She has tried crackers and fruit. Although she has no teeth there is a small white dot on the bottom. She has now had a drink out a straw and been drowned by juice out of a sippee cup. This week has been full of "firsts" for Mackey. She has begun to pull up to standing on sides of furniture and would probably scale things if her brother would leave her alone. The greatest blessing this week is the tiny giggles that I hear as the two enjoy each others presence. Lately they have fallen in love with each other, it's as though they know they got each others backs...and instant best friend. Mackey thinks that everything Paxton does is hilarious. I have loved watching the early bonds they are forming and they way they light up around one another. Paxton loves to help me cheer for Mackey as she gets to the goal destination. She has officially started crawling on all fours and no longer army crawls. When we cheer for Mac, Paxton automatically starts crawling too so that he can be cheered for too. Paxton this week hit a milestone. We went to an awesome public Plano pool. It was awesome, perfect for Paxton. He gained so much confidence that he and Brant rode down the big slide. I was so happy that he ventured out and enjoyed the pool. He even let the shooters spray him with water, this is big!!! Until someone had an accident in the pool and it was shut down for chemicals to kill any bacteria, we were having fun. After they announced a 30 minute shut down we headed home for naps. We have enjoyed an exciting week of "firsts".


APRIL said...

I never seen either one of them in person but that picture of her smiling looks just like Paxton...I love it!