Sunday, August 05, 2007

South Padre 2007

SueSue and Paxon right before his break dancing
The Gang-Kyle. He had to leave the beach early to go to work.
Paxton on his dancing floor
Paxton liked having his own pool near the tent...Analeise and Jessie were his big running mates. I think he had his first crush.
Mackey under the tent with Piggly Wiggly
My UT Freshman...I still love her even though she is going to the other

Paxton loved his shades
The Searight/Cox Group
One of her many naps, eating so much sand can really make a girl tired.

These are the pics from the big reunion. We had so much fun basking in the sun. My baby that never sleeps was lulled by the waves and slept so much, it was great. Even Paxton took a siesta on the sand. I discovered that I am too old for Banana Boating. I thought that I would hang with all my "younger" cousins...(most are in college now) and Banana Boat. Banana Boating at the ocean= a lot of salt in the eyes and the lungs. I was so worried about everyone falling on the first person and someone getting hurt, I think that I have to retire from Banana Boating. We discovered that Paxton is quite the show off and loves to dance. We went to eat Saturday night and there was live music. In front of lots of people Paxton started break-dancing. He can do the worm, he can spin on his back, and he can do other fancy moves. I know that you are all wondering where did he learn this??? We are too. I know that spoils all thoughts you had that Rusty dances and home and teaches Paxton these moves. On another note...Rusty conquered his fears of heights. You know the sky coaster that is at most amusement parks, the one were you get pulled up a couple 100 feet and then let this cord go and it sends you flying through the air??? Somehow Analeise and I convinced him he needed to do this...kinda like therapy. He loved it. We had so much fun at he beach and really appreciate Donna and John putting the whole thing together. It is pretty amazing to get the whole group all together. We are so blessed by family.


Michelle said...

Love all the pics~! Fun at the beach is the best fun! Okay so I tagged you for 8 random facts... check out my page for details...

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