Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out like a Light
The MacAttack is Afraid to Miss ANYTHING!!!
Mackey must really love her new car seat. Every time I put her in the new car seat...she fell asleep. This is not a plug for Britax. They are so expensive. Rusty and I tried to get away with buying a cheaper one. Let's just say it ended in frustration and returning it the next day to buy the Britax. They are so cute, comfortable, and safe!! I guess the Aloha print made her feel like she was back at the beach. On another note: The MacAttack is about to have to move permanently upstairs. She is now pulling up like a mad girl and is no longer safe without supervision in the bassinet. Oh how I will miss the antique bassinet and the moses basket...and the pacifier reapplications just being right beside me. I will be getting my work out up the stairs around 5am. Our baby is growing too FAST!!!


Becky said...

Look at that little girl! She is so cute! Those Britax are pretty cushiony - I don't blame her for taking a nap in one.