Sunday, August 05, 2007

South Texas Style

A skilled craftsman...he is nailing in the leather for the sole.
Avery and Paxton in Mexico
I broke one of Mac's bows so that Paxton had a way to keep the IPOD headphones in his ear. Thank goodness for the download of Mickey Mouse came in handy on our 2 hours of sitting in the runway .
Avery and Paxton sitting with some of the boots you can buy of the shelf...most of the boots are custom. Notice the pink and blue pair...those are reserved for one hot mama.
A look in the boot factory

Last week we headed to South Padre for a Pigg Family Reunion. We got there early Thursday so that we could enjoy some Caleb and Tyne loving.
Tyne met us at the airport and then we headed to the Boot Factory. I am not a expertise of a boots but Caleb has landed himself a sweet job with the creme de la creme of boot making. He is the Project manager of Anderson Bean Boots. Apparently if you want a good pair of boots this is who you call. We toured the boot factory and saw the boots, from leather strips to a new pair of boots. They were absolutely beautiful. We even crossed the border from some dinner. It helps to have friends that know their way around Mexico. Tyne, I still want to come done there and shop!!!