Sunday, September 02, 2007

My newest project...pillow top dresses. I know Becky I have a long way to go.
Friday night football. Paxton loved the sights and sounds. He even saw his babysitters in the band and got to touch their instruments.
The Gang

Paxton at the Pump It Up Junior in Plano. We went there wit ha big group of girlfriends and their children.
Mackey already hitting on Paxton's friend Brant. I am already working on arranging this marriage.
Paxton and Mackey playing together in the bounce house. He was showing her the ropes.

Rusty and I at Legacy Town Center in Frisco.
We had a big reunion with Rusty's cousins from Oklahoma who have never just had a weekend of fun. They all came down and the girls enjoyed shopping while I think the guys played a million Madden Football Games. We were actually able to get them off the PlayStation long enough to have a nice dinner.
Mackey in her ballerina photo shoot. She was not very patient.

I worked one weekend and Rusty took the kids to Liberty City for some R and R. This is the first picture with the grandparents were one child is not going nuts.
Mackey focusing on her standing.
A little Guitar Hero never hurt anyone. When Tonya and Randy come up we always have a little guitar hero loving.

We have been so busy lately...

Rusty flew to NYC this last week and went to the NY Yankees vs. Boston Red Sox Game. He sat a couple of rows back from Cameron Diaz and Amanda Peet. Lucky him! Thursday Rusty and I with the kids went to Canton and just had fun hanging out. All we bought was a wreath...!!! Lucky Rusty. Then to top of Rusty's week he went with his bosses and Danny White to the A&M vs. Montana game. Though he wasn't crazy about their performance he enjoyed meeting up with all his college friends and tailgating, he said his bosses were BLOWN away by the Aggie atmosphere.

I have been into sewing lately. A decided to make Whitey proud. I have only ventured into pillow top dresses but I have LOTS of ideas a brew'in. I have been resale shopping for winter clothes for the kids and of course seem to be doing house keeping all the time. I am waiting patiently to put out fall decorations. Somehow I feel like fall things will make me not realize the 100 degree weather.

Paxton...Good ole'Paxton. He starts Mother's Day Out this week. I will be staying close. Hopefully he will transition well. Because Paxton is Paxton he decided this

week to get the enormous bumps on the side of his neck. I watched them literally grown over night. There is something about being an RN and not being able to reason with yourself about anything that involves your family. We went to the Dr. on Wednesday and it became the longest day ever. They did a lot of blood work to rule out cancer. I held it together pretty well and then after 4 hours of waiting I became a mess. The results are in and they all looked great. I was so pleased that on Friday he had a 102 fever and so finally the verdict was that he had a virus. Hopefully the fever will be gone (I know the lymph nodes will take awhile to go down) by Tuesday for our big school day. He is talking a mile a minute and it has been so funny to see his personality coming out.

Mackey. Sweet Mackey. She concentrates so hard to stand. She can pull up like a professional but the getting down is still hard for her. She has one bottom tooth and is eating everything in sight. She is so sweet until you cross her. She has a very quick temper. She LOVES her brother and keeps hanging around him even when he pulls her and throws things at her. I cannot wait to see how our time is spent together on Tuesdays and Thursdays as we have time special time together.


Becky said...

I think Mackey's dresses are so cute. You did a good job! I can't wait to see what is next.