Monday, September 24, 2007

10 Year Reunion

Mac, though having diarrhea, she continues to eat. This is a marsh mellow Lucky Charm.
Just like his momma, he wants a nice hot bath when he is feeling bad
Paxton under the Weather
Rusty and the Class of 1997 singing Gangster's Paradise
Rusty and I at the Back Porch...shortly before we became ill.
The Wives Club

Our Precious Mac
Paxton and Mackey getting in trouble while I am trying to pack...seems dangerous
Class of 1997

This last weekend was Rusty's BIG 10 Year Reunion. For a small class of 77 people there were many familiar faces and great memories shared. Friday night we went and cheered the 0-4 Cardinals on (though they lost) and then went to the Fill in Station Bar right behind the Exxon in the metropolis of Liberty City. The cloud of smoke made it hard to enjoy so we headed to the White's house for some catching up. Saturday we went to the park and Rusty and Shane made hot dogs for everyone. That night we went to the Back Porch and enjoyed hamburgers and singing. Who knew Rusty, Shane, and Caleb were such great singers...Gangster's Paradise was the song of choice. It was quite the crowd entertainer. Shortly after midnight Saturday is when the fun began. Rusty, Paxton, and I all fell prey to a deadly virus. We were all sick on our death beds. Luckily Rusty felt well enough Sunday afternoon to drive us home. It took me a little longer to heal. Instead of feeling like I was hit by a semi , today I only feel like a small Ford Ranger truck hit me. Paxton and Mackey...they both a diarrhea, this is a time when you are sad that you have two in diapers. We are blowing through them today. That is what has been up with us lately. Lots of fun and lots of sickness.


The White Family said...

Thanks for the update! I love the wives club pic. You will have to send that to me. I emailed you all of our photos that are on snapfish and tried to email them to Trina, too. Is she still at the regulator address?