Thursday, August 16, 2007

This is some of the fun stuff we have been up to. This girl is eating us out of home. She loves anything that is swallowed. She has tried crackers and fruit. Although she has no teeth there is a small white dot on the bottom. She has now had a drink out a straw and been drowned by juice out of a sippee cup. This week has been full of "firsts" for Mackey. She has begun to pull up to standing on sides of furniture and would probably scale things if her brother would leave her alone. The greatest blessing this week is the tiny giggles that I hear as the two enjoy each others presence. Lately they have fallen in love with each other, it's as though they know they got each others backs...and instant best friend. Mackey thinks that everything Paxton does is hilarious. I have loved watching the early bonds they are forming and they way they light up around one another. Paxton loves to help me cheer for Mackey as she gets to the goal destination. She has officially started crawling on all fours and no longer army crawls. When we cheer for Mac, Paxton automatically starts crawling too so that he can be cheered for too. Paxton this week hit a milestone. We went to an awesome public Plano pool. It was awesome, perfect for Paxton. He gained so much confidence that he and Brant rode down the big slide. I was so happy that he ventured out and enjoyed the pool. He even let the shooters spray him with water, this is big!!! Until someone had an accident in the pool and it was shut down for chemicals to kill any bacteria, we were having fun. After they announced a 30 minute shut down we headed home for naps. We have enjoyed an exciting week of "firsts".

Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Out like a Light
The MacAttack is Afraid to Miss ANYTHING!!!
Mackey must really love her new car seat. Every time I put her in the new car seat...she fell asleep. This is not a plug for Britax. They are so expensive. Rusty and I tried to get away with buying a cheaper one. Let's just say it ended in frustration and returning it the next day to buy the Britax. They are so cute, comfortable, and safe!! I guess the Aloha print made her feel like she was back at the beach. On another note: The MacAttack is about to have to move permanently upstairs. She is now pulling up like a mad girl and is no longer safe without supervision in the bassinet. Oh how I will miss the antique bassinet and the moses basket...and the pacifier reapplications just being right beside me. I will be getting my work out up the stairs around 5am. Our baby is growing too FAST!!!

The Boys
Like we were in kids! We did miss them however.
The Gang
At the Grist Mill
Jessica and I...the Prego!! Finally its not me that is pregnant!

Our Red River Shoes
On the Way to the River
Before the Big Night Out

Well... this weekend Rusty and I got to act like we were back in college. We went with our small group bible study to the Guadalupe River for some R&R. We stayed in this awesome cottage right on the river. It was great we had one bathroom and we were almost all sleeping on top of each other in the same room. We did give the pregnant girl the bed and made her closest to the bathroom. Friday night we went to some authentic Mexican food restaurant and then just hung out like the good old days. Saturday 3 couples minus the pregnant Jessica and spouse Danny headed to the Guadalupe. Due to all the flooding we were lucky to get to go further up the river and the total trip took about 4 hours. We did not want it to end. The few rapids we saw were great fun and the floating was great. It is a great people watching place!! Later that night we all got dressed up and headed to the Grist Mill and Gruene Hall. We had so much fun, we have decided to make it a yearly tradition. I truly enjoyed the girl talk and exchanging of jewelry and clothes ladies!! Like old times.

Sunday, August 05, 2007

South Padre 2007

SueSue and Paxon right before his break dancing
The Gang-Kyle. He had to leave the beach early to go to work.
Paxton on his dancing floor
Paxton liked having his own pool near the tent...Analeise and Jessie were his big running mates. I think he had his first crush.
Mackey under the tent with Piggly Wiggly
My UT Freshman...I still love her even though she is going to the other

Paxton loved his shades
The Searight/Cox Group
One of her many naps, eating so much sand can really make a girl tired.

These are the pics from the big reunion. We had so much fun basking in the sun. My baby that never sleeps was lulled by the waves and slept so much, it was great. Even Paxton took a siesta on the sand. I discovered that I am too old for Banana Boating. I thought that I would hang with all my "younger" cousins...(most are in college now) and Banana Boat. Banana Boating at the ocean= a lot of salt in the eyes and the lungs. I was so worried about everyone falling on the first person and someone getting hurt, I think that I have to retire from Banana Boating. We discovered that Paxton is quite the show off and loves to dance. We went to eat Saturday night and there was live music. In front of lots of people Paxton started break-dancing. He can do the worm, he can spin on his back, and he can do other fancy moves. I know that you are all wondering where did he learn this??? We are too. I know that spoils all thoughts you had that Rusty dances and home and teaches Paxton these moves. On another note...Rusty conquered his fears of heights. You know the sky coaster that is at most amusement parks, the one were you get pulled up a couple 100 feet and then let this cord go and it sends you flying through the air??? Somehow Analeise and I convinced him he needed to do this...kinda like therapy. He loved it. We had so much fun at he beach and really appreciate Donna and John putting the whole thing together. It is pretty amazing to get the whole group all together. We are so blessed by family.

South Texas Style

A skilled craftsman...he is nailing in the leather for the sole.
Avery and Paxton in Mexico
I broke one of Mac's bows so that Paxton had a way to keep the IPOD headphones in his ear. Thank goodness for the download of Mickey Mouse came in handy on our 2 hours of sitting in the runway .
Avery and Paxton sitting with some of the boots you can buy of the shelf...most of the boots are custom. Notice the pink and blue pair...those are reserved for one hot mama.
A look in the boot factory

Last week we headed to South Padre for a Pigg Family Reunion. We got there early Thursday so that we could enjoy some Caleb and Tyne loving.
Tyne met us at the airport and then we headed to the Boot Factory. I am not a expertise of a boots but Caleb has landed himself a sweet job with the creme de la creme of boot making. He is the Project manager of Anderson Bean Boots. Apparently if you want a good pair of boots this is who you call. We toured the boot factory and saw the boots, from leather strips to a new pair of boots. They were absolutely beautiful. We even crossed the border from some dinner. It helps to have friends that know their way around Mexico. Tyne, I still want to come done there and shop!!!

Here is the Pic of us celebrating 5 years of Marriage at Fogo De Chao. This was quite the interesting dinner. It is Brazilian style so there is so much meat. The come around with all these huge cuts of meat and serve you. We had so much fun hanging out and not having any kids with us:)