Thursday, May 25, 2006

Paxton's a Big Brother... I do know what has gotten into me...Baby Cox #2! I went to my official first OB appt and I am almost 9 weeks pregnant. So Paxton will be the big man around our house. They will be 20 months apart, so life at the Cox household should be exciting. This little Baby #2 is kicking its moms tail. I am sick and extremely tired, I am sure the tiredness is compounded by chasing a 1 year old all around. Oh yeah and did I mention our house sold and we are building another on 2 acres on Melissa which should be finished in December!! The funny/stressful part is that we are leasing our house back till Dec 31 in which case we are homeless and the official due date of baby Cox #2 is Dec. 31. I was assured by the OB that because Paxton was huge and my track history that there was no way this baby was staying in that you think Dr. Riegel has Christmas plans??? Also, this is my last night to work nights, let's face it, it is extremely hard to watch everyone else sleep and then only sleep 4 hours the next day. Anyone who knows me knows I value my sleep, nice and cold with a down comforter. Well, anyway there is Cox life wrapped up into a nutshell. Did I mention Rusty has been out of town for 2 weeks:)


katie said...

Whit! Holy Virginia!!! Um, how about you start a new career or something at the same time? Sound like you have plenty of time on your hands!

Congrats on #2...and send someone up here to buy our house. Thanks.

Beau and Melissa said...

Wow girl! Looks like we'll be at plano presby together! Funny how on 4/19 you commented on how the other girl was pg, when you were too! We'll have Christmas babies have to wait until after me this time! Paxton has gotten so big, and precious! I'm betting it's a girl if this pregnancy has been so different than the last...I feel your pain! Looking at Paxton makes it all worth it! Miss ya girl!