Sunday, May 21, 2006


LOVE THIS PICTURE... I know Grandma Debo is going to kill my mom for putting this pic on the world wide web but she could not resist Fill-in Grandpa Neeley thought he was going to get a relaxing outside experience. Little did he know I move a mile a minute and there's no time for rest. Although the time was fun there is no time like SueSue time.
I have been stuggling on the blog lately. I am not sure what has gotten in to me:)Well, this weekend SueSue, me, and Paxton left at 0700 (nurse time) for the long trek to Belton. Paxton rode for the first time facing forward since his b-day is only a few days away and he is now 20lbs!! We went to Belton for Miss Laura Kennedy's bridal shower. It was so great to see old friends. Two in particular saved the shower, they probably think there were the lucky ones but Paxton was the REAL lucky one getting to hang out with them. Fill-in Grandma Debo had books, applesauce, and even a sippee cup...(quite impressive)! Here are so candid shots: