Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Mommy's Helper

So funny... not only can he put it in but he can get it out!! He can brush his own teeth...there are only two!! As mommy loads the dishwasher, Pax can unload the dishwasher.
I have really started to grow up, I am so good at helping mom!! (wish you could hear mom laughing out loud)


uncle randy said...

I see trouble coming from a mile away. When you and Drew can start playing together, we are all going to be in for it.

Little Momma said...

He is too cute... I bet he keeps you busy, and is tons of fun!

I just can't believe how quick mine is growing, He is only a month old but changes so much each day!

I love your blog!

Courtney said...

Paxton is too cute, and such a happy boy. I remember the days when they just are starting to get into everything and it only takes a second for them to get into something. Brit had a little boy named Holt Lane and Brax has only tried to pull his arms off once. I am in trouble.