Sunday, May 21, 2006

Honey we are Killing the Kids

Many of you may have seen the show on TLC's "Honey We are Killing the Kids"..I don't recommend it but seriously I may be on it someday. There is nothing the kid will not eat. He literally sits in the high chair half the day grazing on food. Just so you know he is not currently overweight, he is only in the tenth percent...that is a wonder. I am going to say growth spurt to make myself feel better...a year long growth spurt:) Also, please note my little Vampire. Rusty took him to the Doctor Saturday for a runny nose-yes we became one of those parents this weekend. It was a $15 appt to say your kid looks great, he has a cold, and the funniest part was that the Dr. Actually laughed at the order in which Paxton's teeth have taken to come in. He is a Vampire...hurts like crazy when he bites. He informed us this was ok, some kids, like ours, have unique quirks. As cute as of course I think he is, he desperately needs middle teeth.