Monday, June 19, 2006

Memorial Day...

So...I am a little behind in the postings. For Memorial Day we went to our future neighborhood of Country Ridge for a celebration. Everyone was to decorate their vehicle and meet at the flagpole. It was really neat we honored all the vets that lived in our neighborhood and then had a parade to the park for hot dogs. The funny part is that out there everyone has about 2-3 acres a piece and all the families have golf carts/mules/four wheelers to get around with, when you go out there all the kids are cruising from pool to pool in them. Paxton was kinda embarrassed in his wagon. We had to put the wagon in the truck and go that way to the park, his little wagon and mommy could not keep up with the four wheelers. On a serious note it was a great reflection on how we are so Thankful to the men and women who have and do risk their lives for our freedom...and their families too:)