Thursday, June 22, 2006


So every time I usually take Mr. Paxton to the Dr. is not really sick, but today was a different story. He has bronchilitis? fun breathing treatments every four hours for a week!! Gratefully his is a mild case and he is expected to recover fully... and I don't have to wake him up a night. He is so dramatic as a sick child. I don't think his feet have hit the floor in three days, he is a permanent attachment to his mother's right hip. The fun thing is that Paxton is not a cuddly baby at all, always on the move, and he is so cuddly as a sick baby. Mom is loving it! He even slept/cuddled in bed with us last night because we were worried about him. I thought all would need to see his really cute dinosaur breathing treatment mask and his sad is not as pitiful as he is making it look!!


Tammy Jones said...

Poor Paxton! It is no fun at all, we know for sure! I love your blogs... he is so cute and big! Happy Birthday Paxton! Hey, give me a call if you need to vent about these fun breathing treatments. Get better buddy!
We miss ya'll,

APRIL said...

Ditto to the whole kid being sick thing. Selfishly I love it too, because it is the only time I get to hold Ty and cuddle with him. Congrats on baby #2!! I’m excited for you guys what an exciting Christmas season you will have with the new house and a new baby. We’re going down to B-town during the 4th of July week to “prepare” for Doug’s wedding…little boys do grow up! What are you’re plans? It’s seems forever ever since I’ve actually gotten to hug your skinny little body! Love ya!

katie said...

Oh, punkin'...way to milk it for all it's worth. And nice dino mask- super fun.

Anonymous said...

Rusty Cox family,Paxton looks alot like Chance and Zac did during their early years. Thet were six weeks early also. They are now 13 years old and noone would ever know they were preemies. Zac is 5 ft. 5and one half inches tall and Chance is one inch behind. They both spent a lot of time on breathing apparatus. They have seemed to outgrow some of their lung trouble. Chance still has more asthma trouble than Zac. It is amazing what nature corrects. We are very happy to hear about Paxton's new sibling. Good luck with this pregnancy, Whitney. Love to all of you , Ron and Linda Odom, Rusty's Mom's cousin from Kingwod, TX

Beau and Melissa said...

Get better soon Paxton!! You can get anything you want with that look on your face though!