Monday, June 19, 2006

Birthday Party #2

What did you say another party...presents!! Only a daddy could help do this job!! Don't bother me, I am trying to show Drew something!
Well...this weekend was the first time we have ever left Paxton for more than 24 hours. Thursday night we drove to Emory to meet Big Daddy and Grandma so they could keep him for the weekend. Rusty and I headed to San Antonio for Kate Osborn Martin's baby Annabelle is due soon. We had so much fun, we shopped all Friday in San Marcos and then enjoyed fun fellowship Saturday with the Martins and Walls. The boys played golf and the girls shopped after the shower. Like old times, we loved hanging out with cherished friends. Then after a 6 hour drive to East Texas we celebrated with Rusty's family Paxton's birthday again. Big Daddy and Grandma were in Alaska for the June 10th birthday so we had a make up one. Gave us an excuse to eat cake and see Baby Drew again! So it was a cross Texas tour that ended Monday with our 12th week OB appt to hear Baby #2's heartbeat. Beating strong at 166! It was a great weekend and though we missed Paxton we loved hanging out with each other and old friends. We are so blessed!
Special note: I will inform you that upon arriving to Grandma's house my precious boy wanted nothing to do with his mommy...he only had eyes for his DAD. I told myself that it was because it was Father's Day and Paxton has the best dad ever!!! (gives him baths, does manly things, and puts him to bed...much more too) However, after a couple hours he only wanted his mommy so that made up for earlier, even sleeping in bed and cuddling with her for the first time ever.


Clay said...

Congrats on Baby #2 Cox Family. How exciting. Also, Happy Birthday to Paxton...what a lucky guy, two parties! We're happy that everything is going well for you.
- The Kennedys