Monday, July 10, 2006

We're back

" Entertaining himself" The best book ever invented My Sweetie Pie!!
We're back...we have been rather busy, I am not sure what we have been doing but we have been doing something. We are still not walking but I hear this is a blessing. We have not been sick at all the entire first year and then the year came...breathing treatments and horrible diarrhea for 8 days (the kind where you cut the clothes off)...thanks to Abby, Sarah, and Tiff who on our girls day "lay out at the pool" got to help me clean up Paxton's issues every hour. I truly appreciate it!! I am helping coach a soccer camp at church, 15 weeks pregnancy and blazing hot sun do not mix:) We have missed SueSue and Grandpat as they have taken a trip to Mexico. The good news is: our brick has arrived at 26 Brookhollow let's start building. Here are some candid shots of Paxton around the house. He absolutely loves to read, my mom bought this book were you record your voice and the child can read and turn the pages all by their self: I highly recommend, it gains me an extra 10 minutes a day. We have had a number of toys in the corner of the living room for months now, and yesterday it was as Santa had arrived and Paxton finally figured out/remembered they were there, so throughout the day lately I see him over there playing away. We also are no longer a vampire as you can see, Paxton's middle teeth have arrived. Paxton was thrilled to have a chair that was his size. He sits in it and just looks at the arm rests in disbelief that it could fit him so perfectly, thanks Big Daddy and Grandma!!
We will be heading to Belton for the Kennedy wedding, I can't wait to be there for a week and catch up with old friends... Hope all is well!!


APRIL said...

Looks like we will have barely missed each other in Belton. I feel like I've been there every other weekend this summer. Now that Doug's wedding is over, I don't know when we will be traveling that way again. I wish we could have met up.

Big Daddy and Grandma said...

Hey Paxton! We're glad you are feeling better! Can't wait to see you again!

Kelly said...

hey whit--
glad he's over the sickness...sounded like that was no fun!! how are things coming with the house? ya'll take care!