Friday, April 25, 2008

Sea World

Checking it out
Mackey is not afraid to get dirty or wet
Mackey watching and cheering for Shamu
Maybe the kids could read that we were sitting in the Splash zone and didn't want Rusty to get too wet

Gearing up for Sea World...the hotel not located in Washington DC
Paxton, Mackey, and I feeding and touching the dolphins...too bad dead sardines to feed the dolphins cost $5/4 fish or we would have spent more time there.
Mackey in the aquarium

God has such a funny humor and just when you think that you are frustrated you later see the grand plan. 2 weeks ago we were supposed to go to Washington D.C.. The trip had been carefully planned. New strollers, diaper bag, rain had all been purchased. We had a trip itinerary which included meeting up with the Kennedy family. After 6 hours at the airport and 3 cancelled flights some of which we boarded and then unboarded our trip crumbled. I am not going to lie...I was disappointed. Unpacking bags for you and 2 kids really stinks especially when the clothes are still clean. So Rusty said why don't we head to San Antonio and eat some good Mexican Food, Enjoy Sea World, and visit the River walk. So even though we were running on no sleep since we left the house at 5 am for our "flight". I drove to SA in 4ish hours. No I was no going the speed limit and we got there in time for dinner. The next day we headed out to Sea World. Paxton thought the dolphin petting was awesome and surprisingly Mackey was more into Shamu than Paxton. She watched his every move. Although you all know the trip ended in the ER with disappointing news. We had a great short time at Sea World. I think we were most disappointed that we never made it to La Fagoda (the Best Mexican food in Texas). We headed home Saturday morning. We missed hanging out with Carl and Christine, Courtney and the boys, and seeing Matt, Kate, and Anabelle. I was so upset about our Washington trip being cancelled but after everything that weekend God revealed why 3 planes had mechanical errors and we never left the ground. We are so grateful to Kate who took our kids that night so that we weren't in the nasty ER with Paxton and Mackey. We bought two day tickets to Sea keep posted we will return this summer to use our other ticket.