Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Big Boy... about 2 months again Paxton potty trained and I forgot to brag on him. It only took threatening one time to take all his trains away. When I say potty train I mean TT trained not the other side. We are struggling there and having to do a lot of suppositories...YUK!!! I am open to any suggestions:) We are so proud of him. I thought I would also document that we are wearing Race Car, dinosaur, and Mickey Mouse undies. Who knows what will be popular a couple of years from now. I also posted some pics of Mackey in her petti coat SueSue bought for her in Canton. She loved wearing it...I could see that she thought she was pretty in it. Lately Mackey is still a mess and climbing on EVERYTHING (as I type this she is in the bathroom with her doll and has permanent marker tattoos she drew on her face earlier this morning and one of my high heel shoes on). She is into make-up. I am on the hunt for some make-up that is not real just colored things in the make-up area. It takes me forever to get ready in the morning because she stands there waiting for everything to be applied to her too! She loves necklaces and girly things but also spends a lot of time in time out for pushing. A girl after my own heart. Likes girl things but can handle her own.