Thursday, April 03, 2008

Mackey in her Aggie dress that PatPat picked up for her
The girls...setting up shop, it's all about presentation
The boys...wheeling and dealing
Heading to Oklahoma...Mac's first rode trip without Mama

GG and Uncle Lee...a picture worth framing SueSue and Mackey riding
Mackey and her temporary pet

Last Weekend...we cleaned the closets and had a Garage Sale. We were so impressed at the guys involvement. They wheeled and dealed. Mostly because they did not want to haul the Slaughter's dresser, 2 couches, and TV cabinet to Goodwill. They were successful in everything but the couches and the PatPat and SueSue's enormous 1980's TV. While we ran the garage sale at PatPat and SueSue's they headed out with Mackey and GG to Oklahoma. They went to celebrate Uncle Lee's 86th Birthday. On Saturday morning PatPat called to inform me we needed more land because Mackey needed a horse. She loved the horse...and wasn't afraid at all. She won't be getting a horse, but I am glad that she had such a good time. She did well away from us except stayed up all night. On Sunday morning Paxton said," I need my Mackey back, I love her and miss her." AAWWW...I wonder at what age that thought will change. We had a good weekend and made money for our Canton trip this Friday. The highlight was that the couches and TV were rejected by 2 Goodwill's and finally the boys just paid $40 to dump them.


Clay said...

Hey! I see some of my shoes in that garage sale! :) That's funny.

KatieKate said...

I agree... it's TOTALLY about the presentation!

We need to get Ry some Aggie gear for summer. So cute.

Tab & Erika said...

You've been tagged!

Anonymous said...

Hello. And Bye.

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