Friday, April 25, 2008

Catching Up...

Thank you Angela/Brant for teaching my child to TT outside. At least he goes way down the hill and where watering is needed.
Rusty, GG, and Deacon in training(Tab)
Us honoring GG for all her wisdom and years of serving God and the church
Dinner at Goodhue's...much needed Rusty/Whitney time
Did I mention that all this laundry is still's been a week. I will tackle it TODAY:)
Father/Son Bulldozing time

These last few weeks have been crazy:

* We had two dump trucks of dirt in our driveway so that Rusty after watching "The Masters" could build Amen corner in our yard...I will keep you updated. He has some vision, lots of dirt, and a rented bulldozer

* I met with a seamstress who can sew...HadleyMac got it's first $700 order from a boutique in Plano and we all know I cannot do all that sewing.

*We celebrated Ryan Guyton's birthday at Goodhue's in downtown McKinney. We had good company and food. I will not say much about Personality Plus the waiter:)

*Last Night was the Annual "Widow's Banquet" that the Deacons hosts. We brought GG and had a wonderful time. The speaker was from South Africa and the musician was from Ireland. I wish Americans/Texans had cool accents.


APRIL said...

Your trip to Sea World has gotten me pumped! We are going to San Antonio with Jeff next week for 2 weeks. We are going to get season passes to Sea World and go MANY times. Do you have any suggestions of places to see, things to bring, your favorite thing, ect.