Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Remembering "BIG WILLY"

December 9th my grandpa, Big Willy stepped into the pain free and healthy world. He is remembered as a caring man that usually spoke when he had something great to say. He was a man who loved his family despite several set backs in his health. He was the man that was loyal to the Texas Rangers and the Texas Aggies, my love for A&M was encouraged by him. He served his country well as he flew bombers over Italy protecting the freedom of America. He was the grandpa that drove all the way back to Braums to rescue the pound puppy left behind by a 10 year old little girl. The weeks spent in Amarillo always a included a trip to the Children's Museum where he amused me and walked through dinosaur world more than once. I still have and cherish my first pearl necklace that he and Whitey bought me. He was probably one of the only people that loved Scooter as much as SueSue and PatPat. Though we will miss Big Willy (the named he hated, but wore the shirt) we are comforted by the time spent as he came down for Mackey's 1st birthday. It was sudden but I know that God had his timing in the matter by everyone being so close to McKinney and being able to comfort each other. Thank you to everyone who sent flowers and cards...we thank you!!!


The White Family said...

how the heck did you get that sweet background on your blog? I have been trying to figure that out for days. Made a new banner for my blog- check it out! Tyne