Monday, January 21, 2008

Daddy's Helpers

Ice Cream Cake:)
The Men: Andrew, Rusty, and Tab
The Girls: Erika, Me, and Shay
Dinner at our house the next night so the White's (with brand new baby Kate) could come and enjoy some cake

Happy 29th Rusty!!!

This year Rusty had a couple of Birthday celebrations: Maggiano's, Our house, and then SueSue and PatPats's. It was a great excuse to hang out with friends and family and eat cake. We are so lucky to have great friendships. Paxton and Mackey, and I gave Rusty quitar look for a C.D. from him in the up coming months:)


The Trendy Mommy Spot said...

Hello ~

Just wanted to let you know that will be featured on on Monday, January 28th!

We'd love it if you'd link to us on your blog!


beck brock said...

I haven't forgotten! :) Am just bogged down with work and other stuff. You will hear from me soon!

Love you!

Tyne White said...

Happy bday Rusty, love the South Tx whites. Whitney, had a lady try to recruit me to arbonne the other day... no thank you!

The Aune Family said...

Hey Whitney! Your blog is adorable. I need to start blogging more but I don't think about it. I have never met Paxton and Mackey. They are so cute!