Tuesday, January 01, 2008

HAPPY 2008!!!

We celebrated the New Year with cherished friendships. We continued the eating tradition started with the White's and added the Slaugthers to the tradition. We ate great Italian food and then headed to the Klappenbach's to enjoy some great food, drinks, and conversation. After the Klappenbach's the White's and Slaughters came over (I guess they felt sorry for us because we had to come home so that the babysitter could ring in the New Year with friends) and played some Mexican Train. We will never let the guys be in charge of snacks. They were supposed to get us some domino playing food and drinks and came home with chips, dip, and Fig Newtons...No drinks. Happy 2008. I hope that everyone had a great 2007 and has fabulous goals set for 2008.

Goals for 2008:

1.) Spend more quality time in the word and develop a closer relationship with God

2.)We joined a gym...which means we need to GO!!! Hopefully we can lose weight, tone it up, and be more heart healthy.

3.) Rusty's is to be more organized and mine should be to not lose my debit card....which I do often (scary I know...I always find it somewhere right after I cancel it)


Shull Family said...

Girl, you've added a lot to your blog over the last 2 days. You should add to your list of resolutions, "not tell graphic stories while friends drive...".

The Griffin Family said...

Hey Girl! It was good to see yall the other day! Your kids are so beautifull! :)~

beckbrock said...

You'll have to read the 3rd comment on my Phil 1:20 blog entry. When you mentioned losing your credit card I couldn't help but smile.

Sorry I haven't emailed about stopping by. I forgot Tom's brother and family were going to be in for a few days this week.

More soon...