Tuesday, December 18, 2007

Our Little Cupcake Has Turned One...

Mackey had a great birthday filled with beautiful cupcakes, friends, and family. She got lots of fun pink girl toys. She got her first Cabbage Patch doll and some awesome pink poodle shoes.

Though the party was great our little cupcake began running a 101 temp that evening and was not quite herself for the birthday festivities. She really did not eat her cupcake, which is not normal for her to pass up any food....she gobbled the cupcakes up a few days later on her real birthday. We are so blessed by Mac's smile and her easy nature. We pray that she grows to be a strong woman both inside and out. She is growing and learning new things each day. You have decided not to do anything that Big Brother Paxton does not do. You weaned yourself from bottles at about 9 months...deciding that sippee cups were better. You have taken steps but for some reason have decided that walking on your knees is more fun...so much for all the cute pants you own. We have told you that it seems like that is harder but you insist on doing it your way. We love you and your zeal for life... We cannot wait to see the things that God does in your life through friends, church, and activities. You are a blessing.


Becky said...

Wow. I can't believe she's already one! Time goes so fast but I guess you already knew that. : ) She looks adorable in her birthday outfit!