Friday, July 20, 2007

Not very Excited...check out the bush on top of his head
My Super Cool Two Year Old
My Bald Baby...notice the clip!!!
Our first real haircut. The one that I did and butchered did not count. I will never attempt a boy hair cut again. We thought the first time we would make it special and go to a kids hair cut place called Snip It's. It was pretty cool, it came with a free sucker and prize at the end. At first Paxton was not amused, but later warmed up to the idea. He looks so CUTE, not that I am biased or anything. He is so grown up looking:) Mackey watched as Paxton sat in the cool chair, she will probably not get her first hair cut for a least a year. I really think that I could literally count the hairs on her head. We love our bald baby though.She has finally got enough that the toupee clip flower can now attach to a few strands.