Tuesday, December 16, 2008

We have the Christmas spirit...

Donner and Blitzen made a stop in Allen this weekend The Sunday School Christmas party minus a lot of girls. We have an incredible group of couples that we get to go through life together with. The girls did a ornament exchange...which I am going to forgive Melissa Guyton for stealing the one I wanted:)
Paxton at his school performance. He knew the song and all. Only 8 kids are in his class and he has discovered a lot of great friends. Looking for PatPat and I.. Rusty was out of town so PatPat came to see Big Pax.
The Making of a Gingerbread house
Mackey was eating the pieces of the house. She ate the wreath and a couple of cherry sours.
The finished product minus the wreath.
Modeling his T Rex shirt
Mackey was not feeling Santa's love.
Traumatized after seeing Santa...she needed her passy. Rusty and I are well aware the passy needs to go!!!
Sweet Baby Kensington. I am not sure that this picture allows you to see her crazy hair do. As Shay stated, "It defies gravity in every way." Her blue eyes sure are pretty though.
Paxton was a little apprehensive but still told Santa all the things he wanted... On the top of the list is Spike the remote controlled dinosaur, the Batman cave, and a race track with cars.


The Shull Family said...

That is a great picture of Kensington!! I will have to steal if off your blog. We love your kids like they were our own. Thank you for letting us celebrate Mackey's birthday with you!

The Griffin Family said...

Hey Girl! Did you make Paxton's dinosaur shirt? If so, I may retain you for a birthday project for Mr. Alex. I can't believe Mackey is 2! Such a beautiful family~kat

rackersfamily said...

I love how Mackey is always naynay. She is so cute. I know she is going to be a great big sister!