Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Birthday Girl

Mackey is about to be the proud big sister of three girls: Kensington, Kirby, and Ebby Lee. She will be in Heaven.
She truely enjoyed her cupcake backpack and Dollar Tree doll (even though it frieghtened Andrew). Thank you guys for loving our child. She got a little nervous at us singing to the Birthday girl.
We only had three birthdays for Mackey this year:) The problem is that all of Paxton's friends are Mackey's friends and with the holidays being super busy we decided to have a party with my family, a party with Rusty's family, and on her b-day we decided to come up with an excuse for Uncle Julio's, a cake by Melissa, and good friends. She got a pink princess power wheels so that Paxton and her could cruise together...she was really excited except she has not gotten to ride it since it has been 25 degrees and freezing outside. We love our little two year old.


rackersfamily said...

Happy Birthday Mackey!

Anonymous said...

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