Tuesday, December 09, 2008

McKinney Dance Academy

Mackey and the balance beam
Mastering the Roll My little horse...she is supposed to do an elegant gallop. Mackey's is more of a run.
Watching the bigger girls as they curtsy
For Mackey's birthday, Rusty and I gave her dance lessons once a week. We actually did it so that she could meet some girls and hopefully get rid of some aggressiveness and trade it in for some charm. She has gone to two weeks now and really has done well. There is another girl in her class who has a brother Paxton's age and a new born sister so Emmy and Mackey have really bonded. They are a little younger than some of the girls but have a great time. They can't skip or curtsy like the big girls but I love watching Mackey as she watches them so closely to try an attempt the things they do. She goes while Paxton is in Mother's Day Out so it is her special time every Tuesday morning. When I say dance I really mean...singing to "I'm a little Tea Pot" and adding movements, wearing tap shoes and acting like horses (that's fun just for the noise the shoes make), and some gymnastics. I think the gymnastics is Mackey's favorite,...she really has the roll down. I have enjoyed watching Mackey be in an element that is separate from Paxton and having eyes only for big girls.


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