Tuesday, December 18, 2007

SueSue and Mackey's matching shirt for the evening.
The last scene where the tomb stone has been rolled away and Jesus has risen!!
Sorry for the fuzzy pic...these are actual men hanging on the cross and portraying the Calvary scene. Aren't we lucky we serve a Jesus who would do this for us.

Our Roman Solider...Paxton did not even notice it was Rusty and kept saying "Look at that Bad Guy"
Paxton's highlight was seeing the live camels and sticking his head out the moon roof. Notice Man #4's grown beard.

Christmas Journey 2007

Our church every year for about 7 years has put on a live Christmas journey. You enter the gates and travel back in time to Bethlehem. As you see the story of Jesus from birth till death. There are over 700 people who are involved from church. The preparation begins months in advance and many people offer up 4 nights to participate in the freezing cold weather. Rusty was a Roman solider at the Tax collector scene and mom was woman #5 and dad was man #4. They did a great job. It is so neat...if you live in the area it is definitely something to see. As each family enters the drive through narration their car is prayed upon...What a blessing. We are honored to belong to such a great and Godly church and blessed by the Godly people that surround us throughout the week


KatieKate said...

WoooHooo! Look at them muscles!